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Interior Design Services from Monument

While one of our many unique designer wallpapers can add that exquisite finishing touch to a room in your home, here at Monument Interiors we also love helping you consider and assess the bigger picture when it comes to the freedom of interior design.

Therefore, we believe in only providing the best interior design services that are perfectly tailored to the requirements of both yourself and your home. You can read more about each below, but these include:

  • Space planning
  • Concept design
  • Finish & furniture selection
  • Project management
  • Interior styling


Space planning

In a room that’s been well thought-out from the onset, space is utilised to its best possible effect. For that reason, space planning is one of the most important aspects when it comes to interior design and really helping with the transition from house to home.

Along with our knowledge of space allowances and furniture sizes, we can offer imaginative interior design solutions for various rooms in your home, and can collaborate with you either by drawing out floor plans or identifying, and taking advantage of, the focal points of the room.

Concept design

It isn’t always a straightforward task to take a concept from your imagination to the interior of your home. Usually you will have to break down the different elements that make up a design to decide whether a concept works or doesn’t work in a particular room.

We can help you along with this process as part of our interior design services by identifying your design solution with a clear concept in mind. Whether this is achieved through designer wallpaper, specialist paints and furniture selection, we can work to bring the design to life.

Finish & furniture selection

Space planning and concept design only mark the start of a room undergoing a complete transformation in interior design. Selecting the finish and furniture to match your evolving design concept is the next task that really starts bringing the project to life.

We believe that the perfect finish for your walls can be found in our vast collection of unique designer wallpaper, and we can also help you source the ideal paints and furniture for your home using the design concepts that are already established. Where you are swamped with endless selections, we help identify where you need to look and at what price.

Project management

The biggest complication with managing your own interior design project is drawing up a clear, coherent and structured plan that not only details the design, but also outlines realistic time-frames and subsequent steps to follow to achieve your desired result.

Sometimes you need that objective presence who can assess the situation and isn’t afraid of jumping in where necessary to amend the process so it runs much more smoothly for all involved. That is again where Monument Interiors use all their knowledge and experience to help successfully see projects right through to the very end.

Interior styling

Last, but certainly not least in our specialist interior design services, is one of our most popular approaches to interior design that encompasses parts of all of the above, simply because it’s that vast.

From small interior stylings involving finish and wallpaper selection, to larger projects involving complete overhauls of room designs, we love getting in depth with all interior styling projects and making recommendations just for you based on years of interior design experience. Ultimately, we want to help guide you through the whole interior design process from start to completion, so you realise your interior dreams and the end result is as rewarding for you as it is for us to see you enjoying your new, innovative living space.

If you would like to enquire about any of our interior design services, or for further information on what we can offer for each, please contact us on, or fill out our online contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you and all about your interior design project.

Designer wallpaper & interior design services

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