Yellow Blog

Yellow Interior Design Ideas

24 Apr 2013

We are very pleased to announce Jake is back and this time he is cheering in Spring with his choice of yellow interior design ideas… Being as it is the start of a well overdue Spring, my personal recommendation for …

Text Wallpaper Blog

The Writings on the Wall

16 Apr 2013

For a couple of weeks I have the good fortune to be out in Hong Kong teaching interior design at the university here. Whilst I am off and about I am very pleased to introduce you to our first guest blogger …

Clifton Arms Hotel Blog

Clifton Arms Hotel : Room 205

30 Mar 2013

It has been a busy start to the Easter Break for Team Monument completing another lovely room at The Clifton Arms Hotel in Lytham. Take a look at the before and after shots and see what you think… Starring in …

Mitas and Co Blog

NEW BRAND : Mitas & Co Wallpaper

27 Mar 2013

Let us introduce you to the latest addition to our Wallpaper Shop : Mitas & Co. I am absolutely potty about this super company for a couple of reasons. First off, I would like to decorate my whole house in …

Stripes Blog

Earn your stripes

18 Mar 2013

Whether bold and colorful, chic and tonal, straight or diagonal, stripes create a graphic appeal. As seen here  making a statement with horizontal black and white striped walls or a timeless black and white striped chair spotted on one of my favourite …

Animal Homeware BLog

Animal Magic! : Animal Homewares

10 Mar 2013

Bring out your inner animal with these super animal homewares. Feeling wild? Why not try introducing bear’s to your flatware with the super El Guapo Side Plate by illustrator Jimbob art seen in this weeks Sunday Times Style Magazine. Or suprise …

Precious Metal Blog

Precious Metal

04 Mar 2013

Everyone can be a winner with the addition of these precious metals to your home. Go all out and add some glitz and glam or add a subtle touch either way everyone is a winner with these metallic shades! (Image …

Emerald Green Interiors BLog

Green With Envy : Emerald Interiors

12 Jan 2013

Results are in and Emerald has bee chosen as the Pantone Colour of the Year 2013. So lets take a look at how we can introduce emerald interiors to your home … How to bring into the home you ask? …

2012 Wrap Up Blog

Two Thousand and Twelve

03 Jan 2013

Oh what a year! With so much to be thankful for its difficult to know where to start. So lets start here with Monument Interiors. Work has been bigger and better than we could have ever anticipated. We can not …

Christmas Wrapping Blog

Christmas Wrap Up

23 Dec 2012

Just a couple more sleeps and it will be CHRISTMAS DAY! So with no time to waste lets get down to business as those presents are not going to wrap themselves! See below for our top tips on how to …

Day Tripping: London

26 Nov 2012


Black Magic Blog

Black Magic

21 Nov 2012

I’m not sure if its the colder weather but dark interiors are so appealing right now and the darker the better. Black and grey, blue and black, black and black, I will take it all! Check out some of these …

Painting Blog

DIY : Paint Work

05 Nov 2012

I love shopping, I love to buy pretty much anything! My shopping skills are exceptional. However sometimes its fun to do it yourself and there really are a whole heap of good ideas out there so heres the first of …

Halloween Blog

Happy Halloween!

29 Oct 2012

Decorating your home for Halloween? For a party night or longer see some creative ideas for how to dress your home for the spookiest holiday of the year and remember …. Start it off with the front door, wreaths aren’t …

Picture Perfect Blog

Picture Perfect

12 Oct 2012

Artwork & pictures are an asset to any home. It brings a little bit of you into the whole thing. However its one thing choosing the picture / photograph and quite another to decide on how you should hang it! Here …

Love Hotels Blog

Love Hotels

01 Oct 2012

I love hotels, I love staying at them, designing them, looking for them, finding an awesome new one, returning to a favourite. So the letter above hit a spot with me! This summer we were lucky to do all of …

The Saguaro Hotel

Delightful Details: Saguaro Hotel

27 Sep 2012

You don’t have to spend an absolute fortune to add that special something to your house & home. Take a look at the beautiful touches we found on our recent trip to The Saguaro Hotel in Arizona. You can adopt …

Tent London Blog

Tent London

24 Sep 2012

Tent is one of my absolute favourite shows every year at the London Design Festival and it just keeps getting better and better each year. This year the show was co-located with sister show Super Brands London. Again entrance artwork …