100% Design Blog

100% Design 2012

22 Sep 2012

I started my day at the London Design Festival at 100% Design 2012 and the show made an impression from the off with the fabulous entrance above. The chaotic pattern of lines (which I loved) was something we saw popping …

Floor Fancy Blog

Floor Fancy

15 Sep 2012

Keen to make a statement but looking to be a little different? Often forgotten but with such potential floors can be incredibly striking. If you are a little scared of committing start with a rug, or for those with serious …

Talisen West Blog

Taliesin West by Frank Lloyd Wright

05 Sep 2012

“Oh, we have to build here, this is pure abstraction wherever you look.” — Frank Lloyd Wright Quite possibly one of the most exciting outings on our recent trip to America was our visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture school & …

Lights Lights Baby Blog

Lights Lights Baby!

02 Sep 2012

We have seen some great things whilst we have been travelling but one thing that’s sure to catch our attention is creative lighting. Lights can be great features for any room and provide an instant update. Take your inspiration from …

Colour Crush Black, White, Yellow Blog

Colour Crush – Black, White & Yellow

31 Aug 2012

I love colour but right now there are three which are sat firmly above all others and that combination would be black, white and yellow. Black and white are classic but yellow just adds that bit of fun and updates …

The Parker Palm Springs

Step back in time…

25 Aug 2012

The Parker Palm Springs has quite the history. The hotel first opened its doors in 1959 and over the years it has had various lives as; California’s first Holiday Inn, a private ranch for The Singing Cowboy, the luxurious Givenchy …

Shops Glorious Shops Blog

Shops Glorious Shops!

23 Aug 2012

Imagine my delight when we arrived in LA and found not one, not two but a whole area of the city dedicated to interior design shops! La Cienega Design Quarter (www.lcdqla.com) was rather conveniently on the doorstep of our hotel… …

Clear Desk Policy Blog

Clear Desk Policy

20 Aug 2012

Before we set off on our jolly holidays Monument is busy trying to organise the office. Taking inspiration from others and in a bid to clear our desk of piles of pictures & paper we have found some pretty and …

Signs Graveyard Blog

A Way With Words

17 Aug 2012

Something I enjoy on my travels is looking at signs. The most beautiful can be found in the strangest of places advertising the oddest of things. So understandably I am pretty excited about returning to Las Vegas the land of …

Sketching Blog

A little bit sketchy

16 Aug 2012

The August issue of Wallpaper got me thinking ….. So with our up and coming trip over the pond to the States I am hoping to squeeze in some sketching during our travels. As part of my constant bid to …

NYC Graffiti Art for Walls Blog

Art for Walls

04 May 2012

As we get closer to the shop going live (e.x.c.i.t.i.n.g) we are spending much time with the beautiful products we will be introducing you to. I promise you they are more than just your everyday wallpaper they are art for …

Butchers Shop Blog

The Butcher Shop

25 Apr 2012

Well designed restaurants = happy mind + happy belly. A lovely little place The Butcher Shop my wonderful friend Ruthie introduced me to in Boston, can’t wait to come back and visit you both.  

Crockery Blog

What does the dish have that I don’t have?

24 Apr 2012

I have been wanting to pay a visit to the Anthropologie for a very long time so it was with much joy I crossed the threshold. Inside I discovered not only a fabulous stock but clever displays. Crockery has never …

I Heart New York

I Heart New York

15 Apr 2012

Monument will be spending the Spring Break in the Big Apple visiting pals and suppliers, catching up on new collections and absorbing all the great design the city has to offer >>> so watch this space! Its my first time in …

Lost Blog

Lost, but in a good way

15 Apr 2012

My terrible sense of direction may mean I have to set off a few hours ahead of every meeting to get there in time but it also means I get to see lots of super stuff whilst trotting round the …

Guggenheim Blog

Solomon R Guggenheim

13 Apr 2012

As I am one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s biggest fans I am pretty excited to post these pictures. The Guggenheim was everything I wanted it to be and more, I highly recommend a visit when your next in town. Plan …

Flat Vernacular Blog

I’d like to introduce you to … Flat Vernacular

12 Apr 2012

We had a lovely visit across the Brooklyn Bridge to the Flat Vernacular studio where we met the very talented Payton and Brian. Map reading has never been a strong suit and after discovering some of the lesser known areas …

Blossom Blog

City in Bloom

09 Apr 2012

I am a self confessed blossom junkie, I really can not get enough of the stuff be it the real deal or printed on wallpaper, fabric, clothes or household goods! Put blossom on it and I am there. So it …