Baines and Fricker

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Designer: Steve Baines and Eliza Fricker (Brighton, UK)

Style: With Baines and Fricker wallpaper, the mudane is taken and transformed into something wonderful. The husband and wife team from the south of England share a strong belief that sometimes the most simple ideas work best, creating all designer wallpaper pieces in a variety of subject matters that are often overlooked, yet common, in everyday life. Collections including Roof Tops wallpaper and Cactus wallpaper are prime examples of what Baines and Fricker do best, but also be sure to check out their unique cats and dogs illustrations.

Influences: Literally anything that we would walk past on the street and not give a second thought towards would be an inspiration for Baines and Fricker wallpaper. Industrial architecture, street signs, furniture – it’s all influential in these eclectic designs. Where most see the mundane and everyday, Baines and Fricker recognise an opportunity to enhance their already fantastic designer wallpaper collection.

Origins: Fearless and feisty, Baines and Fricker launched their brand at the 100% Design exhibition in 2011, embracing the opportunity that came with being part of the UK’s largest design trade event. The collaboration began some time before, however, when furniture maker Steve and screenprinter Eliza put their passions for long-lasting design into practice by making and acquiring pieces for their own home, and channelling this now into creating good, clean designs with a lovely nod at English heritage.

Accolades: The Harris Tweed Rocker from Baines and Fricker was a finalist for Best New Product at the Blueprint Design Awards 2011.

Price per roll: £90.00 – £95.00

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