Bold and Noble

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Designer: Jane Tobitt and David Wardle (Hertfordshire, UK)

Style: Traditional, archaic, vintage – call it what you will, but the old fashioned hand-drawn designs of Bold and Noble wallpaper are created in such a way that they stand the true test of time. The beautiful designs and screen prints are brought to life at the Bold and Noble studio in Hertfordshire where the human touch continues through the production phase too with traditional printing methods. A theme of nature and the great outdoors runs throughout all Bold and Noble wallpaper designs, bringing the outside, inside.

Influences: The landscapes of Britain have always been a source of inspiration for artists and it’s more than evident with Bold and Noble. Autumn wallpaper that pays homage to the falling leaves in all their shapes and sizes, Northeasterly wallpaper of trees bending sideways in strong gusts, and the rolling hills of South Downs wallpaper, Bold and Noble wallpaper captures moments of nature in its purest form and projects these into wonderful prints for your home. Britain’s natural beauty has never gone out of fashion, and for good reason.

Origins: Bold and Noble wallpaper was born at the kitchen table of creative directors Jane and David. The pair had one vision – to create beautifully made screen prints that people would fall in love with. While working day and night to complete their first collection of Bold and Noble wallpaper, which still continues to grow, Jane and David trawled the nearby flea markets and out into the wild to seek unique inspiration, places you’ll still find them today with a love of design as strong as the day their collection first began.

Price per roll: £55.00

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