Deborah Bowness

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Deborah Bowness presents a different style of interior decorating. Her unique and timeless designs provide interior spaces with an extra dimension. They make a bold statement, quietly. It’s trompe I’oeil with a special Deborah Bowness twist. These are beautiful works of art and functional wallcoverings.

Deborah intends her designs to interact with the spaces in which they are placed. The illusionary effect can be enhanced by adding real objects on top of or next to the paper. Shelves, hooks, pictures or frames, for example. It is the interactive nature of Wallpaper by Deborah Bowness which will make your installation unique.

All designs are realised and printed in England. Working in a small factory in Yorkshire, the expert crew of printers hand mix the colours, hand cut the papers, hand make our screens and hand package the finished pieces. Every piece made is done so with pride, care and attention to detail.

The Deborah Bowness wallpaper designs are arranged into a series of separate collections:

The Artists Collection – This truly special collection, which encompasses her timelessly classic and world renown designs, including Genuine Fake Bookshelf, Illusions of Grandeur and Wallpaper Frocks.

The Standards Collection – A timeless and distinguished collection of wallpapers and borders, all resonating Deborah’s unique style of design.

Designer wallpapers from Deborah Bowness are an ever-growing body of work. Keep visiting and watch the collection expand.