Identity Papers

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Designer: Linda Hasking (Hampshire, UK)

Style: Identity Papers wallpaper offers an eclectic, personalised collection unlike any other. It is with these bespoke designs that Identity Papers finds its audience by creating stunning designer wallpapers from an individual’s snapshots or a jumble of words unique to you. Fun family references are the intention with all – single special moments caught on camera can be repeated as patterned wallpaper, while the creative text collection presents a wordsearch puzzle like you’ve never seen it before. There is no limit on what Identity Papers can put together for you.

Influences: A passion for photography blossomed from early inspiration for interior design. It was with this photography that Identity Papers wallpaper was born. Now it is very much the inspiration of the consumers that determine the outcome of an Identity Papers design. Uniqueness is applied in the form of photographs, words and patterns that encapsulate family moments as this designer collection continues to experiment and thrive on a range of inspiration.

Origins: Identity Papers wallpaper began with 222 individual photographs. These were the shots that designer Linda Hasking snapped of every single object in her living room, which eventually evolved into the first designer wallpaper of the Identity Papers collection – Mi Casa Su Casa. From this seemingly arbitrary selection of images, the brand took off and has expanded through experimentation, now offering a growing product range that still retains that bespoke touch.

Price per roll: £35.00 – £120.00