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Mineheart takes its name from the Shakespearian English words ‘mine’ and ‘heart’, meaning ‘my heart’. This expresses the brands passion to create freely, without restraint. Each bespoke wallpaper design expresses a poetic notion, a thought or experiment, tells a story, makes your homes even more adorable and above all else is guaranteed to make you smile.

The ‘Loveable Collection’ is really, well, exactly that, loveable! It is this which first drew Monument to Mineheart and will keep us coming back for more! Attention to detail has created inspired looks that would create the perfect backdrop to any number of locations as a feature or for a whole room. Launched in 2010 by designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia of Young & Battaglia and Studiomold the super brand centres around their innovative approach to interior styling through re-appropriation of imagery and a playful approach to wallpaper design. The designers have created an enviable wallpaper collection that has something for everyone from sophistocats, contemporary lovers and the avant guarde to those looking for a more relaxed vibe.

The striking collection features iconic wallpapers such as the ‘Chesterfield Button Back’ wallpaper that will provide the ultimate visual comfort in your home. Inspired by the classic Chesterfield Sofa the wallpaper print gives the look of soft padded walls providing a seriously luxurious feel. If you prefer a warm timeless look reminiscent of old photographs, times gone by of steam engines and Oscar Wilde the ‘Sepia Bookshelf Wallpaper’ is prefect as a feature wall or enclose yourself in a whole room to make your own library.

The wallpaper design features beautiful antique books on wooden shelves in natural sepia tones and can be used to create the feeling of an old study, library or reading room. Reaching out to an eclectic customer base there is even some shabby chic looks on offer; let ‘White Planks Wallpaper’ take you away to a world of holiday homes, magazine shoots and buts along the beach front. The dreamy painted white wooden planks with nail holes provide a minimal shabby chic look again perfect for feature walls or whole rooms this bespoke wallpaper design. All designs are printed on the finest quality 300gram fabric baked textured paper and is suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

The Mineheart wallpaper collection sits on the boundary between objects of art and mass produced items. All Mineheart products are produced in the UK by passionate people who love doing what they do resulting in quality and unique wallpaper and loveable design. Minehaert and Monument Interiors are proud to support British design and manufacturing.