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Paperboy wallpaper was established to create boy’s wallpaper and fabric that’s crafted, good quality, that’s thoughtful and has personality. That even has a sense of humour. The collection has now expanded to include children’s wallpaper and fabric where boy’s themes meet grown-up style. Two opposing concepts coming together.

Paperboy was conceived when two six year old boys, Rory and Archie, outgrew their nursery-style room and needed a place that they (and their mum Victoria) could be proud of. So she thought about what made a beautiful house. A place with a few lovely, classic things. A place with designs and materials that sing. That’s filled with colours and shapes that have a sense of harmony and intrigue. That makes you feel somehow calmer, more comfortable. As if the world is really rather fine. Somewhere that might even make you smile. And she thought wouldn’t it be great if you could find designs that did this for the boys? And so Paperboy designs were born.

The Paperboy wallpaper range aims to be affordable, classic, even iconic, but with an edge. Bang-up-to-date modern, but with room for nostalgia. Enough fun for little kids yet cool enough for bigger ones. And lovely enough to fit in with a beautiful, grown-up decoration scheme. I think you will agree designer Victoria Cramsie has achieved all this to bring you a well made, slightly subversive and even funny wallpaper collection.