Studio Ditte

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Studio Ditte is an extraordinary wallpaper collection. From sturdy Scrap Wood Wallpaper; Bringing the forgotten back to life the wallpaper design shows that each piece of wood is precious and has its own history filled with stories encouraging you to guess what it was used for in a previous life? Or at the other end of the scale wallpaper with lovely birdhouses where the sweet little birds live in a variety of papered houses promising to keep you company throughout the day.

Studio Ditte wallpaper from the Dutch designer trio of Marieke Dirks, Natasja Heesbeen and Endry van Zwam offers a surprisingly versatile range which would add character to any room in the house or chosen interior design scheme. Take a look at Button Wallpaper which displays a collection to rival any well stocked button box with every style and colour imaginable and could suit any number of rooms. The same could be said for Blue Porcelain Wallpaper which displays an eclectic mix of blue and white crockery sourced on Studio Ditte’s trips around antique markets and riffling through china cabinets to find ceramic gems. The stacks of saucers provide a cosy backdrop to teatime treats.

Studio Ditte wants to add something to the user’s perception of the environment by giving everyday life an extra touch. A hidden story, an element from another culture or a twist that makes you think about things.