The Whimsey Chronicles

The Whimsey Chronicles Wallpaper by Monument Interiors
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Vintage nostalgia designer wallpaper bought to you all the way from Dallas, Texas. Let talented designer Meredith Conley draw you into her whimsical world of striking patterns and inventive, playful colour combinations and illustrations. Watch as elegant elephants nestle in pools of colour while frills and folds unfurl overhead and underfoot, never disturbing their poised pose. Alternatively do as the flamingos do … dance, shimmy and perform an arabesque, all while looking their very best! Join the cotillion and stand-in line, oh how graceful these birds do shine! Or follow the graphic route and watch twirling Brella’s dip and sway, are their moves choreographed or are they making it up as they go along?

The brilliant designs of The Whimsey Chronicles are not however just a flight of fancy they also show substance through integrity strengthened by Meredith’s excellent design skills honed through twelve years working as an interior designer before turning her talented hands to wallpaper interior design and achieving licensure in interior design and gaining certification in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. A story is woven into each design introducing the unexpected and impressionable wallpaper collection. The Whimsey Chronicles brings something exotic, something lively and something memorable to your world.

The Whimsey Chronicles wallpaper collection has been created with a love of hands on design and with the environment in mind, printed using environmentally friendly UV inks with 0 VOC’s. Each pattern encourages inspired application with a touch of whimsey ever present allowing for excellent interior styling through delightful graphic motifs and a choice of 5 inspired colour ways such as the jewel inspired colour palettes of Lapis Lazuli, Regal Agate, Treasured Jade or more muted and sophisticated offers such as Winter. If you prefer bespoke wallpaper design, custom colour ways are also available.: to find out more feel free to get in touch at .

The Curiosity Collection of wallpapers caught our attention with their eclectic mix of graphic pattern, animal embellishment and organic shapes. If that’s not enough the bold colour combinations allow you to add personality to your space and are versatile enough to use as a backdrop in any interior styling with attitude. The storyline chronicles Meredith’s trips to flea markets, estate sales and antique stores. Treasures that have bought happiness to previous owners and new ones alike, expanding the stories and history to each wallpaper design. The treasures become new again seeing how different people choose to style it. Now listen for the lilting voice of a story woven into each chapter and imagine how the designs can change your everyday, what will you do to make it your own story?