Happy Easter

22 Mar 2016

Easter is a brilliant time of year. It’s like Christmas without all the pressure, plus it’s one of the only times of year when it is completely acceptable to eat chocolate at breakfast, and who can argue with that?!

So to celebrate Easter 2016, I am taking a quick break to showcase some chic Easter Egg design…


Pretty pastel colours have previously been used by the designers over at A Creative Mint to craft these beautiful hand painted eggs shown above. The variety of patterns is as equally stunning – from tiny splodges of pinks, reds and yellows and curvy petals, to hooped designs creating a funky spiral effect. Which is your favourite?


This superb little collection of Ombre Eggs was put together by design and photography enthusiast Kaley Ann for an Easter Egg photo shoot. All the eggs were made using natural blue dyes and you can really see the power of the project when the eggs are lined up beside one another as above.

Kaley Ann’s blog has a number of great articles on Easter Egg art, including this very recent piece on dip-dying.


What about these final two designs? The beautiful black and white patterned eggs by Obviously Sweet were done by blowing out white eggs and then using varying thicknesses of marker pens to draw the snazzy patterns.

Moving onto the right and a much more intricate illustration. This is a wooden egg that will last a lifetime, created by Sweet Bestiary and appropriately named Serguei the Russian Weightlifter as part of a circus act.

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter……. Now back to those eggs!