Going retro with 1950s wallpaper

29 Sep 2015

Retro blog  - Mitas and Co Walnut Whirl Wallpaper

What word is best associated with 1950s wallpaper? One that sounds archaic without sounding dull. Traditional? Old-fashioned? Vintage wallpaper? At Monument, we’re firm believers that retro wallpaper is the best way of describing styles that capture the essence of the 1950s.

This was, after all, the decade that first brought us the Pop Art revolution, instantly distinguishable by bright, jazzy colours and flat, popular branding. It is clear to see by these designs that the origins of Pop Art wallpaper can be traced back to comic books of the mid-20th century, and still continue to inspire the retro wallpaper designs of today.

But 1950s wallpaper is much more than abstract designs and snazzy, Pop Art colours, and far more than vintage wallpaper which is more commonly associated with, and draws inspiration from, the Edwardian, Victorian and Georgian eras, and perhaps even earlier still.

Retro Blog - Riad Wallpaper by Sian Elin

1950s wallpaper collections may indeed seek inspiration from the changing landscape of art in the 20th century, but further influences come from intricate floral designs, just a few years before the symbolic Flower Power of the 1960s and 1970s. Floral wallpaper is as retro as it is modern, and there are many 1950s designs that dip into sharp detail to bring flowers and petals to life.

It’s no surprise that 1950s wallpaper remains a popular choice to this day. If you’re searching for that retro feel in your home, there’s no doubt that furniture plays a role, but a huge part of retro interior design is 1950s wallpaper that can capture any retro style you wish to achieve in the desired room.

There’s also a case for vintage and retro wallpapers to compliment one another in the same room; juxtaposing a modern interior design, or contrasting one another to the extent that each becomes a much more powerful source than if it was the only designer wallpaper in the room.

Retro Blog - Housewives Wallpaper by Dupenny

Many people also love the idea of feature walls, singling out one wall, and only that wall, in a room to experiment with one designer wallpaper, and 1950s wallpaper is perfect for this. The Pop Art colours and retro styles create a wonderful focal point that acts as an inspiring backdrop for furniture, photographs or even further wall art.

Monument are proud to house so many retro wallpaper designs that capture the feel of past decades and centuries. 1950s wallpaper is an excellent example of this, and one that we would certainly recommend to add that unique retro look to your home.

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