Green With Envy : Emerald Interiors

12 Jan 2013


Results are in and Emerald has bee chosen as the Pantone Colour of the Year 2013. So lets take a look at how we can introduce emerald interiors to your home …


How to bring into the home you ask? The obvious place to start? Wallpaper! See our pretty picks above to help you get your green on. From left to right we have: Hello Yarrow a beautiful floral illustration by Abigail Borg. Any one for Tennis? A fun sporting print by Turner Pocock and sweet little Succulent by Baines and Fricker.


Every home has space for accessories, how about this pretty print by Amanda Catherine Designs or the epitome of emerald interiors this gorgeous Emerald Island Cushion by Catherine Holcombe.

pantone colour of the year emerald interiors

So start 2013 in the most sophisticated and luxurious shade whether you choose to introduce emerald into your Hall, Bedroom or any room in the house, I am sure it will help you to create a beautiful home for the year ahead.