I’d like to introduce you to … Flat Vernacular

12 Apr 2012

We had a lovely visit across the Brooklyn Bridge to the Flat Vernacular studio where we met the very talented Payton and Brian. Map reading has never been a strong suit and after discovering some of the lesser known areas fuelled by coffee and bagels we made it to their lovely studio and it was totally worth the trip!

Flat Vernacular are based in Brooklyn and produce a brilliant mix of original illustrative hand printed wallpapers. Following on with the floral theme of my last post I have selected some of their blooming beautiful prints for you to see below:

Flat Vernacular Blog

This is just a tiny selection of their work of which you will be able to see more soon. We are super excited to have these guys on our site and can’t wait to show you rest of their collection.

Picture credits: Flat Vernacular