Parris Wakefield

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Fierce Beauty Lampshade – Small

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£92.50 per item inc VAT

Item Size: 31 × 20 cm

Design duo Parris Wakefield were inspired to create the beautiful Fierce Beauty design after seeing the amazing photography of George Huey, in particular one shot of the Prickly Pear Cactus in flower. The juxtaposition of the exquisite flowers with the vicious spines was something they were instantly drawn to and wanted to capture in the design.

Create an incredible focal point with your Fierce Beauty Lampshade is available in a Large or Small size. Both working well as a stand alone feature or co-ordinate with the rest of the Fierce Beauty range to pack some serious punch.

Good to Know

Cotton Satin Drum with hand rolled edges. Printed and handmade in Britain in exclusive small batches. Will fit a lamp or pendant fixing.

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