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Focus Wallpapers – a unifying choice

A carefully chosen focus wallpaper does not take centre stage but rather, pulls together disparate strands of a theme and allows treasured items and key pieces of furniture to be displayed to their best advantage.

A perfect example of a focus wallpaper which does exactly that, is this gorgeous Cricket design by Turner Pocock (and of course if cricket isn’t your cup of tea, take a look at other designs in our sports-themed papers).

Do take time to browse at some other designs in the Turner Pocock range for other suitable focus wallpapers.

Using focus wallpapers as a cunning distraction

Another use of focus wallpaper is to distract the eye from another area of the room. Perfect for this is The Vintage Bookshelf which features shelves of old books to create a vintage library look. It can be used to create the feeling of a study, reading room or an old bookshop! It is available in vintage, sepia & white.

Focus Wallpapers – a harmonius choice

Inspired by an old double keyboard organ Geometry wallpaper is both a striking and contemporary pattern versatile enough to suit most interior living spaces. Team this design up with some vibrant red and purple accessories.

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The Boho dream – in wallpaper

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Designers, Surfacephilia, are reknowned for creating luxurious bohemian patterns. We are particularly fond of Niyaha which features hand drawn and painted illustrations of dreamcatchers in a mixture of blues, purples, deep yellows and browns.

Many of the papers within the Surfacephilia range would make great focal point wallpapers and could serve as a backdrop to creatively displayed treasures accumulated on your travels. Why not order a sample today?

niyaha focus wallpaper example

Focusing on vintage

If you have vintage pieces that you want to showcase, a good choice of focus wallpaper would be one of Sian Elin’s designs, which combine clean lines with retro colours such as mustard, grey and turquoise to give a contemporary twist to a timeless style.

Influenced by the architecture of Israel, India and the Mediterranean Sian has produced a fabulous collection of focal wallpapers of which Horseshoe Arch features a Moorish design with a mid century modern colour twist.

horseshoe arch focus wallpaper example 3

This type of wallpaper is like an investment piece of furniture so take your time to make your selection.

Remember, you can browse our focus wallpaper collections by brand, style, or colour and can order a sample of your preferred focus wallpaper.

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