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Funky Wallpaper – From hideous to ironic statement to supercool

With the meteoric rise in popularity of funky wallpaper, the days of Magnolia and wall-to-wall blandness are a fading memory in homes of all but the most design intolerant.

Even minimalist interiors, though very much evergreen are beginning to see a sea-shift in their overall starkness. The clinical and the cold has given way to warmth and texture.

How? Well thanks in large to the recession of 2008 homeowners have been seeking comfort in the arms of more personal interiors, in nest-building and tastes based on fond memories of an earlier happier time.

In those happier times we covered schoolbooks with wallpaper. 70’s wallpaper. Funky wallpaper.

This funky wallpaper was everywhere – at our Nan’s, our favourite aunt’s, Susie’s down the road. It formed a backdrop to our childhood.

As we rebuilt our sense of worth and our sense of Who We Were following the housing crash we looked back in time to when everything was still alright and we started to recreate this past visually in our adult life.

Funky wallpaper blog

Funky Wallpaper 2.0

What started in the chic boutiques and design practices of London as single walls decked out in 70’s bold print juxtaposed (ironically?) against crisp minimalism – soon spread to the more mainstream high street fashion stores and bars.

Home magazines began to pick up on this new use of funky wallpaper and soon designs which had once been thrown in the “never again” bin were being retooled and re-manufactured.

We were quick to take this to our hearts. Our need to reconnect with ourselves could now be satisfied with a feature wall of beige, olive and yellow hexagons. Some re-purposed vintage oak sideboards a sunburst clock and a Troika vase – and we were back there, happy.

The healing power of funky wallpaper knew no bounds and we were being swept up on a crest of renewal through design.

Funky wallpaper blog
Now in 2013 the wallpaper market is seeing an unprecedented revival in feature wallpaper ranges.

Thanks to technology and globalisation we have access to more and more bold and exciting papers, from that of short run hand printed artistry to mass-market, there are funky wallpapers to suit every taste and budget.

Funky wallpaper overwhelm – too much choice?

Back in wallpaper’s last great days we had pattern books – usually as many as we could carry home, limiting our choice to maybe 30 or 40 styles.

Fast forward to present day and of course we still do have pattern books but they are mostly digital thanks to the web – so our choices seem near infinite.

“Oh I love that, but… do you think there’s something else even better out there and I’ve just not discovered it?” – can lead to paralysis by analysis, leaving that living room makeover another unfinished project.

Thankfully we’ve done the groundwork for you. (Phew)

At Monument Interiors we’ve scanned the whole web, we’ve been to the trade fairs, we’ve got to know all the suppliers, the manufacturers, the sales reps and the designers.

And we’ve put together a hand-picked collection of the best, the finest funky wallpaper known to man.

Our ranges cover the whole gamut of taste, style and flavour from simple geometric shapes and patterns to the truly unique, the outrageous and the hide-it-from-the-vicar.

If you haven’t already maybe it’s time you got funky – funky wallpaper!

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