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teddy on chair in front of shabby chic wallpaper - enchanted wood

The Enduring Appeal of Shabby Chic Wallpaper

The popularity of Kirstie’s Vintage Home and The Great British Bake Off is testament to the fact that our love for Shabby Chic shows no signs of abating.

Floral designs of shabby chic wallpaper are still very popular, although pink and red tea roses have largely given way to woodland flowers and ferns in more earthy hues.  An example of a wallpaper that works well in a shabby chic styled room is Orange Fox, one of several in a range by the talented Abigail Bord, an illustrator and surface pattern designer with a love for the hand drawn and vintage approach to design.

orange fox wallpaper

The hybrid tea rose design that everyone associates with shabby chic wallpaper is most commonly used in the kitchen but the updated woodland designs are less ‘girly’ and versatile enough to grace any room.

Woodland flora and fauna

The current woodland trend extends to the creatures that live there too with foxes and stags being popular motifs in shabby chic wallpaper. You can achieve this style with the Fox design from the Animal Magic range.  Hand-drawn by Lisa Bliss, the Fox design print is perfect for feature walls and is available with either mauve or grey background.

fox repeat wallpaper

This style of shabby chic wallpaper is reminiscent of a gentleman’s hunting lodge and would wonderfully set off overstuffed leather sofas, tweed textiles and a woodburning stove.

Understated Shabby Chic

Feature wall not for you? Fear not.

An understated shabby chic wallpaper such as White Planks is a good choice for anyone who wants their furniture and key pieces to take centre stage.

white planks wallpaper

This style is synonymous with French interior decor and works best in a bedroom or dining room where chaises longues, armoires and dining tables can be shown to their best advantage.

If you like this vintage look, have a browse at the other exquisite designs in the Mineheart range.

Shabby Chic Wallpaper for Children’s Rooms

At Monument Interiors we have an impressive collection of designs especially chosen for children.

The key to the success of achieving a vintage style in a child’s room is choosing a design that will grow with the child. Choosing a shabby chic wallpaper with a small motif and muted colours will ensure the room appeals to children but, crucially, doesn’t look childish.

Our choice for a children’s room would be the charming and intriguing Enchanted Wood (in White on Duck Egg Blue) which, with its magical narrative design, brings walls to life.

enchanted wood childrens wallaper

Where next for shabby chic?

The trend for vintage remains popular, perhaps in part, to the ease at which the look can be put together with carefully-chosen shabby chic wallpaper.

Whatever the reason for its enduring appeal, and whether we call it “shabby chic”, “french chic” or “austerity chic”, It is here here to stay.

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