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The revival of vintage wallpaper

Vintage wallpaper is enjoying a revival, and many homeowners are rekindling their love affair with wallpaper, especially those looking to unify a vintage theme or to create a feature wall.

The years 1950 to 1980 were a golden age for wallpaper design. However, original wallpaper from this era is increasingly difficult to source in large quantities, notoriously difficult to hang, and without the environmentally responsible options of retro modern papers.

A vintage style wallpaper from Monumental Interiors is a wonderful way to add texture, colour and pattern to your home – without the problems and chemical nasties associated with 50-year old wallpaper!

Browse through our hand-selected portfolio and you will see funky florals, stunning stripes, and terrific textiles. Whatever your style, we have a vintage wallpaper just waiting to transform your home.

Realistic vintage wallpapers

So, you want to create a rustic, vintage look…

You could source some actual reclaimed distressed wood and engage a carpenter to nail it to your walls…or…

Alternatively… could get the same effect with less effort from Scrapwood an unbelievably convincing trompe l’eoil wallpaper by Dutch design agency Studio Ditte.

Kitsch Vintage Wallpaper

The 80s had dolphins, the 60s had peacocks, and owls were de rigueur in the 70s.

Fly back to a groovier era with this vintage Owls wallpaper by Loboloup. It is an eco friendly vintage wallpaper having been hand-screen printed using water based inks and is free from vinyl.

You can see more animal motif vintage wallpaper in our Animal Magic collection.

Irregular Vintage Wallpapers

Geometric patterns and clashing colours were a defining feature of 1970s interior decor. While they are a good choice for a feature wall, nowadays, most people don’t have an appetite for such a bold statement on a large wall or more than one wall.

A good example of a modern take on the vintage geometric design is Triangles which was inspired by the geometric shapes of a patchwork quilt. San Francisco based designer Lisa Congdon plays with pattern, triangles and lines to create an unexpected combination wallpaper which is available in three colour ways: White/ Black, Almost White/Charcoal, and Gold & White/Gray & Pink

This quirky design was printed using classic screen printing techniques and printed onto the highest quality fade resistant paper. Thanks to modern design innovation, the result is a spectacular paper with a hand-painted vintage look, with all the durability of modern wallpaper.

vintage wallpaper example - triangles

Planet-friendly vintage wallpaper

Paperboy are known for their edgy but sophisticated children’s wallpaper designs which mix traditional themes with a distinctly modern British twist to create a lively and vibrant interior whilst complementing your grown-up style.

They launched Spitfires to mark the 75th anniversary year of the iconic British aircraft. The unmistakable image of the WWII plane has been created on a hand screen printed wallpaper in a graffiti style. This vintage wallpaper is available in four colourways: Silver on Grey Brown, Green on Lilac, Red on White and Air-Force Blue on Dusky Blue.

AS an environmentally-responsible design house, all vintage wallpapers in the Paperboy collection use FSC accredited sustainable forest paper. This means your wallpaper has come from a forest that is managed to the highest standards to meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations.

vintage wallpaper example spitfires

Colour with vintage wallpaper

You can easily achieve the style of a particular era by using a vintage wallpaper in a colourway associated with the decade.

Don’t forget, you can browse our collection of vintage wallpaper by colour.

The flirty fifties

The key to achieving a 1950s style is the use of a suitable vintage wallpaper in pale, neutral tones. Think about the muted colours of an ice cream parlour with a hint of Scandinavian influence.

Our suggestion: Pretty Flower in Duck Egg Blue

Sexy Sixties

The 1960s used lots of neighbouring colours on the decorating spectrum, for example, blue with purple and green or combinations such as yellow, orange and red.

We recommend the Tress vintage wallpaper which can be found in our multi-coloured section.

vintage wallpaper example - tress

Sultry Seventies

The interior decor of the 1970s home features earth tones of mustard, browns, oranges and greens.

We recommend Ikat Pixel vintage wallpaper in sand.

Excessive Eighties

The 1980s were all about primary colours in bold blocks in the style of a Mondrian painting coupled with metallic accessories.

A great choice for this look would be Erica Wakerly’s Block Wallpaper in a black/red/silver colourway.

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