The Craft of Wallpaper / London Craft Week 2016

07 May 2016

Of course the highlight of London Craft Week was The Craft of Wallpaper Exhibition at The Geffrye Museum in Hoxton! An excellent exhibition of wallpapers by 11 of the UK’s most innovative makers featuring two of our favourites Erica Wakerly + Identity Papers.

Craft of Wallpaper at London Craft Week 2016

Leading the way with her metallic graphic prints Erica Wakerly is one of the most popular designers we have on the site. Her recently launched Copper Capsule collection is going down a storm with Angles Wallpaper – Copper Rose White flying off the shelves.

Erica Wakerly Wallpaper featured at Craft of Wallpaper at London Craft Week 2016

Linda Hasking of Identity Papers  is one of the most innovative designers in her field with an eclectic collection of word search or photo collage wallpapers. Her most recent deign Cloud Rococo began as a single perfect moment caught on camera and repeated as a patten.

Identity Papers Wallpaper featured at Craft of Wallpaper at London Craft Week 2016

The shows curator Charlotte Abrahams describes her drive behind the show ‘Wallpaper is ubiquitous, but it is under-appreciated as a craft. I hope this exhibition, which features work by Claire Coles, Elise Menghini, Waybreads, Graham & Brown, Identity Papers, Juliet Chadwick, Linda Florence, Erica Wakerly, Fromental, CUSTHOM and Tracy Kendall, will raise wallpaper beyond the decorative and demonstrate the real skills involved in its making.’  – See more at:

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