Why Baines and Fricker Wallpaper?

19 Aug 2015

Baines and Fricker Blog

We’re not quite sure what it is that we love most about Baines and Fricker Wallpaper. Is it the fact that it’s a husband and wife team bringing their individual design backgrounds together to create patterns that epitomise all things British? Or is it their quite unique ability to take objects so mundane and transform them into genuine pieces of designer art?

It’s a tough choice for sure, and not one that we believe can be entirely convinced either way. If anything, we’ll just settle on it being more reasons to enjoy the simple yet absorbing designs that come with Baines and Fricker.

Refreshing may be another way of looking at it. So many of today’s designer wallpaper collections, as fanastic as they are, strive long and hard to find the perfect pattern that encapsulates a mood or a moment, and makes the brand identity truly yours. With Baines and Fricker Wallpaper, however, it’s almost a completely opposite approach – they have a firm belief that the simple things, the mundane everyday things, can be made worthwhile to look at, and do they achieve this? Of course they do!

Focusing on the aspects often overlooked in everyday life, Baines and Fricker bring their designer wallpaper to life with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations from the pen of the talented and experienced Eliza Fricker. Multi-coloured birds in decorative black cages are one of the most light-hearted options, while cute cats and dogs also join the collection, and Roof Tops Wallpaper pays homage to the English skyline with a variety of fun illustrations of chimney pots and aerials.

Baines and Fricker Blog

Baines and Fricker Wallpaper is just one of the products designed and made from the brand’s workshop on the south coast of England in Brighton, using British materials whenever possible, cementing them as a true modern pioneer in the best of British designs.

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