Why Hygge and West Wallpaper?

24 Sep 2015

Hygge & West Blog

The most satisfaction often comes from the smallest actions – snuggling up by a blazing fireplace, catching the aroma of a Sunday roast in the oven, embracing a relative when saying goodbye – it is this appreciation of life’s smaller moments that Hygge and West wallpaper aims to deliver in your home.

Hygge (hoo-ga) is a Danish concept all about enjoying each and every one of life’s little moments, and surrounding yourself with the people and things that you love and are grateful for.

It’s no surprise then that Hygge and West was founded on the friendship of designers Christiana and Aimee who continue elevating the brand and its designer wallpaper collections to this very day, collaborating with up-and-coming artists as well as those who have been creating their own unique wallpaper designs for many years.

This exposure for the new artists is particularly great news, as it means that their designs, as part of the Hygge and West wallpaper collection, are seen by people all over the world, and presents an ideal platform on which they can continue to build. In fact, Hygge and West’s Daydream wallpaper has recently been featured as perfect Autumn scenery wallpaper on the Homify home inspiration website.

Hygge & West Blog

Daydream wallpaper is just one of many popular designer wallpapers within the inspiring Hygge and West collection. Colourful hand-drawn birds up against a backdrop of swirling clouds; a pattern not too dissimilar to that of the intricately drawn floral wallpaper embodied in the Peonies collection, and the bolder flowery designs of Petal Pusher wallpaper, glamorous in colour with a hint of sparkle.

You can also see the influence of travel seek through with the Cities Toile wallpaper in both ebony and parchment. Spot Big Ben and the Sydney Opera House, among other famous worldwide landmarks, in this illustration collection that is just what we’ve come to expect from Hygge and West wallpaper.


All designs are manufactured in the USA, using a classic screen printing technique that creates a luxury, modern wallpaper that looks and feels hand painted. There’s only question left to be answered, which signature pattern – bold, whimsical or hand-crafted – of Hygge and West wallpaper will you choose for your home décor scheme?

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