Why Mitas and Co Wallpaper?

13 Oct 2015

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When many designers come together to collaborate on one project, you can expect an exceptional result, but when these designers are allowed the freedom to conjure up designs on their own, the result can be just as amazing. That is what has made Mitas and Co wallpaper the leading brand that it is today.

The array of designers that contribute to the Mitas and Co wallpaper collection each have their own unique background in art and design, and, as a result, each bring a different creative mindset to the brand. What floral wallpaper means to one designer is completely different to what it means for another, and what approach is adopted by one artist for patterned wallpaper could well be an approach that’s avoided by another.

That is the beauty of multiple contributions – each designer can express their individuality with signature styles to create designer wallpaper that is unique, refreshing, and unattainable by any other means. It’s no surprise that Mitas and Co are so eager to continue providing a platform for emerging designers and artists when it has served them so well this far.

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Taking a closer look at some of the Mitas and Co wallpaper designs, you start to see that inspiration is as vast as the designers’ creativity. St Paul’s Cathedral wallpaper pays homage to British architecture, while The Pequod wallpaper sticks true to connotations of being out on the ocean for a fishing trip, but with a modern twist on that of the fictional Pequod whaling ship that appears in the novel Moby-Dick.

Whether this designer wallpaper is a quirky tribute to one of literature’s all-time greats or just simply nature, remains up to you. Mitas and Co wallpaper likes to provoke thought and have a special resonance with the people who choose it for their home.

MItas and Co Blog

There is no shortage of nature, however, within the Mitas and Co wallpaper collection. The fine detail in an array of colour schemes plays on our senses. You can feel the frail, hollow branches of Twiggy wallpaper snapping underneath your feet, and you can hear the rapid flapping of wings displayed on the wonderful Hummingbird wallpaper.

That is what you can expect from Mitas and Co wallpaper – a strict attention to detail that is shared across all designs, regardless of designer, approach and style.

Rather than select emerging illustrators and artists to mold for their collection, Mitas and Co identify those where the finer details are everything, and then allow each and every one of them to stay true to the roots that made them passionate about design in the first place.

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